beach-weddingsWhen one thinks of a wedding on the beach, it personifies romance. It is such a dreamy setting with the image of the setting sun, the lovely evening glow, the happy couple and the laid back and fun atmosphere. Getting married with the sun, sand and the waves for company would be a lovely experience.

Why should you get married at the beach?

  1. The relaxed beach setting will allow you and your guests to have an equally relaxed and stress free time. It can be a huge help considering how stressful some weddings can get.
  2. You can dress down and enjoy it. You don’t need to wear anything too dressy. Dress light and dress comfortable to make the most of your special day and feel fabulous too.
  3. At such a beautiful location, you and your wedding pictures are bound to look gorgeous.
  4. With nature providing such a stunning locale, your expenses for decorations will be cut down. With a simple setting using lights and candles, the décor would be priceless.

Apart from all this, the most important reason is that a beach wedding provides you with an intimacy and personal touch that no other venue can match up to. After all, isn’t that what weddings are all about!





You decided you want to invest yourself in waist trainers, good for you. But, the problem is you don’t even know where to begin or how to buy the best waist corset that will be perfect for you. Here are tips you should know so not waste money and effort.

  1. Pick the type of boning. There are three main types of corset boning, plastic, steel (spiral and flat) and double.
  2. Decide between an overbust and an underbust. The first one covers your breast while the other doesn’t.
  3. Find a good place or website to buy your corset. It can be both offline and online.
  4. Properly take your measurements. You can use your tape measure to know your actual size. You need to make sure you have the right size that will fit you.
  5. Pick what type of fabric you don’t want and you prefer. Satin, taffeta, brocade, PVC and lace, these are just some of the common corset fabrics.
  6. Consider what type of closure. The garment can be fastened together through a zipper, wire hook and eye closure and lace.
  7. Try it before buying. If you’re going to touch the garment personally, you should try it to see if it fits you.

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These days you don’t need to choose between speed and space anymore. Technology is getting more and more advanced and regular people can enjoy insane PC speeds. Today we are talking about Crucial MX100 series SSD. MX100 was created to be a replacement for M500 series and now offers a low cost per GB compared with older series.

MX100 line comes with many great features including:

  1. Lower power usage (up to 89%)
  2. There are 4 layers of data defense to prevent data corruption
  3. Power outage protection – allows you to keep your data saved even when your power goes away
  4. Thermal protection that keeps your SSD cool so you won’t have to worry about overheating

With true 550MB/s reads it’s one of the fastest SSDs on the market right now. Crucial MX100 comes with the best hardware encryption in its class. It’s using AES 256-bit encryption. That means your data will be as secure as it would be inside a bank vault.

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Self Tapping Screws are made from Steel, Bronze, Copper and Aluminium. Steel ones have a protective coating on them to prevent rust and corrosion. Tappex Ltd sells the best quality product in the market, visit their official website to know better about them. The coating comes in different finishes such as

* black phosphate;

* brass;

* chrome;

* colored coatings such as green, gray, beige, brown;

* zinc and yellow zinc

* white ceramic for highly humid environments.

If laser hair removal is done by an unqualified dermatologist, you stand the chances of getting your skin burnt. Lasers use intense single point beam of light that pierces through the skin to remove the hair follicle. Professionals have to be qualified and after intense training in the cosmetic field receive licenses from certified health organizations. One has to do a background check on the practitioner before deciding on the clinic. They should use only FDA cleared lasers and call for frequent checkups to treat any side effects post treatment. Book an appointment in Reema’s Laser for check up at first.The quality standards should be met and the skin specialists should be authorized to prescribe drugs to relieve pain.